December 2, 2020

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30+ Pagewiz Landing Page Templates

Pagewiz is a popular online service that millions of users rely on to build high-quality landing pages and landing page templates. There are other services similar to Pagewiz, but this one is certainly one of the most popular out there, and it is not a surprise that so many people are relying on it – it offers impeccable quality, customer support, and easy-to-use tools.

Your first encounter with the huge library of Pagewiz pages and templates can seem daunting, but we assure you that it is very easy to find content that fits your needs. We are glad to present you with 30+ Pagewiz landing page templates that can be easily added to your website, and you can rest assured that they will greatly enhance your conversion ratio.

Investing in a premium Pagewiz landing page template has a small upfront cost, but you can rest assured that you will be reaping the benefits of your investment very soon. High-quality landing pages have proven to be one of the biggest boosts for all kinds of marketing and advertising campaigns, and you should certainly not skip this opportunity.

Adventour – Pagewiz Travel Landing Page

Avira – Real Estate Pagewiz Landing Page

VibrantGYM – Pagewiz Landing Page Template

Fitness / Gym Landind Page – Pagewiz

Modulands | Multi-Purpose Pagewiz Landing Page Template

Remote | Pagewiz Landing Page with Fullscreen Video

Solara – Multi-Purpose Creative Pagewiz Template

Elect! Political, Charity, Conference Landing Page

Mobis – Multi-Purpose Landing Page Template

DOM – Real Estate Pagewiz Landing Page

MYCourse – Pagewiz eCourse Landing Pages Pack

Trvl. – Premium Travel Pagewiz Landing Page

App Cast Mobile App Landing Page Template

Donate – Non-profit Pagewiz Theme

Knights Multipurpose Pagewiz Template

MYSERVICE – SaaS Product Pagewiz Landing Page Template

kickin Pagewiz Conference Event Landing Page

Ultimatum Pagewiz Template

Foundation – Pagewiz Nonprofit Landing page

fitastic – Pagewiz Gym & Fitness Landing Page

Jwell Shop – Pagewiz Landing Page Template

Conference – Pagewiz Landing Page

MyEarth – Nonprofit Pagewiz Landing Page Template

Urane – Pagewiz Landing Page Template

Suprim Mobile App Landing Page For Pagewiz

eBook – Pagewiz Landing Page Template

Pagewiz Multipurpose Landing Page Template UpFold

XPLORE – Travel & Event Pagewiz Theme

Climber – Travels & Expeditions Pagewiz Template

Medio – Pagewiz Theme

Remote | Pagewiz Landing Page with Fullscreen Video

JLanding Pages – Pagewiz Templates