40+ WordPress Themes for Food Blogs

One of the big steps for developing a more attractive and popular food blog is picking one of the quality WordPress themes for food blogs found online. Most bloggers start off with the default WordPress template or pick one of the popular WordPress themes online – however, we assure you that at some point, you will find the need to look into a more specific type of theme for your website.

In the case of food blogs, you would want your theme to offer seamless integration of galleries and videos, as well as the ability to use pre-made recipe templates in case you plan to add some instructions to your food blog posts. While it is possible to adapt most themes so that they fit a food blog, you would need some programming knowledge and experience to make the changes you need – we strongly suggest looking into tailored WordPress themes for food blogs that come packed with every feature you could need.

Below you will find 40 of the most popular themes for WordPress food blogs and links to their product pages.

Cake Bakery – Pastry WP

Bakery – WordPress Cake & Food Theme

Justshoppe – Elementor Cake Bakery WordPress Theme

Food Recipes – WordPress Theme

Delicieux – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Pizzaro – Fast Food & Restaurant WooCommerce Theme

OrganicFood | Responsive WordPress Theme

Villenoir – Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop

Superfood – Organic Food Products Theme

Baker – Fresh Bakery, Pastry and Cake Shop Theme

Organici – Organic Store & Bakery WooCommerce Theme

Vino – A Refined Winery, Wine Bar and Vineyard Theme

Recipe – WP Theme For Recipes

Chow – Recipe & Food WordPress Theme

FoodFarm – WordPress Theme for Farm, Farm Services and Organic Food Store

Sweet Tooth – Delicious Cake Shop Theme

Madang – Healthy Food Delivery Nutrition WordPress Theme

Dining Restaurant – WordPress Theme For Chefs

Iron Bull Restaurant WordPress Theme

Fast Food WordPress Theme

Organic Food – Nutritionist & Farm

Recipes – WordPress Theme

Agricom – Agriculture & Organic Food WordPress Theme Pack

Recibo – Restaurant WordPress

Bellaria – a Delicious Cakes and Bakery WordPress Theme

Levain | Cake WordPress Theme

Sushi WordPress Restaurant Theme

Laon | Wine House, Vineyard & Liquor WordPress Theme + Shop

CoffeeKing – Coffee Shop & Drinks Online Store WordPress Theme

Beelove | Honey Production and Sweets Online Store WordPress Theme

Olive Oil Farm and Vinegars Production WordPress Theme

Cooks – Restaurant WordPress Theme

TheLeaf – Tea Production Company & Online Coffee Shop WordPress Theme

Green Farm – Organic Food WordPress Theme

Talisa – Food Recipes WordPress Theme

Malibu – One Page Lounge Bar & Cafe Resto WP Theme

Padre – Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Aquaterias – Drinking Mineral Water Delivery WordPress Theme

Lafka – WooCommerce Theme for Burger & Pizza Delivery

Farmvilla – Organic Food WordPress Theme

Charlotte Premium Café Bistro WP Theme

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